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Flac Finance is a RealFi platform that seeks to provide regulated financial services to users in India and worldwide. A RealFi platform that is faster, safer, and accessible to everyone.

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What is Flac?

Flac Finance allows digital asset owners to borrow fiat or stable coins instantly against their crypto holdings without selling them, providing efficient and cheap liquidity. Users can make their digital assets work for them by earning rewards and providing liquidity to the platform.

Flac Finance integrates with countries financial infrastructure to provide access to a wide range of regulated financial services to the users, which includes Flac Credit Card, banking integration, and payment solutions like UPI.

Borrow fiat against cryptocurrency assets

Pay for everyday needs using cryptocurrency

Earn staking rewards


Instant Loan

Get low-interest instant loan against your crypto holdings. Keep your crypto assets for future value appreciation.


Pay using crypto and fiat, or with an instant loan for daily essentials. Process payments online or in-store using a credit card or mobile wallet.


Earn stable rewards on fiat and crypto holdings, rewards payouts every day. Earn higher yields when holding FLAC tokens.


Instant swap between supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Earn cashback in FLAC tokens.


Transfer tokens easily between multiple networks using secure smart contracts.


An Initial Stake Pool Offering is a fundraising mechanism built on Cardano. Users can delegate to project stake pools to support the project without having to spend their ADA holding or lock it up in a smart contract. Users earn project tokens by giving away their ADA staking rewards.

ADA holders can stake with FLAC pools and earn FLAC utility tokens in return.


Discounted Loans

Higher Interest Returns


Platform : Cardano Native Token

Ticker : FLAC

Total Supply : 2,000,000,000

ISPO Allocation : 600,000,000

Decimal : 6



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  • Community Partnerships
  • Core Team and Leadership Identification
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Private Investments
  • Launch Initial Stake Pool Offering
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  • Start the process for financial institution registration in India
  • Start building partnerships with banking institutions
  • Partnership with local crypto exchanges
  • Flac Architecture review
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  • Flac Platform R&D and Engineering
  • Web and Mobile UX/UI development
  • Authentication Layer
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  • End of Initial Stake Pool Offering
  • Airdrop FLAC ISPO tokens
  • FLAC token on Cardano dexes and exchanges
  • Flac Platform R&D and Engineering continues
  • User Account management
  • Custodial solution - Cardano, Cardano Native Tokens
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  • Support for BTC, ETH
  • Lending Crypto Assets
  • Borrow Crypto Assets
  • Crypto Withdrawals
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  • Fiat Payment Gateway integration
  • Fiat Bank Transfer
  • Swap Crypto and Fiat
  • Fiat withdrawals
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  • Auto KYC/AML implementation
  • Instant Loan via real-time payments
  • UPI integration
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  • Referral program
  • Flac Credit Card
  • Cross-chain bridges
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  • Expand the platform around the globe
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Flac Team

The Flac team is composed of experienced developers with in-depth technical knowledge of the Cardano protocol. Our portfolio of products includes Cardanoscan - Cardano Explorer, Typhon Wallet, and many open-source libraries as part of the Cardano Ecosystem.

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Ashish Prajapati

Lead Engineer

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Pavan Vora

Cardano & Backend Engineer

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Mehul Prajapati

Cardano & Frontend/Mobile Engineer

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Prashanth Soordelu

Cardano & Backend Engineer

profile image

Karan Vora

Frontend Developer

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Filip Milosavljevic

Senior Designer

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Head of Marketing

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Gaspar Coria

Design & Illustration


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Jared Corduan


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Nilesh Prajapati


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Markus Gufler


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