Flac Finance ISPO Dashboard
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  • Connect your wallet to participate in ISPO
  • Choose between 50% or 100% pool and delegate to participate in the ISPO
  • You can also participate in the ISPO by copying the pool id from the pool below and delegating using your choice of wallet, eg. Daedalus
cardano logo Flac Finance ISPO 100% pool A FFMXA
Pool Id e4ac73ef83e1d5950a3fe84b3a4b51045f9b01d2db18121395b4ac94
Margin 100%
cardano logo Flac Finance ISPO 50% pool A FF50A
Pool Id 641d6331ec4832382558482982c3e3a273ae174f5ed6641b06f7b2c1
Margin 50%